A week of feature films with a chess theme.
We invite you to the summer chess cinema.

Film screening place: Ustroń Rynek at 21:00


Szachistka - 16.08.2020

Helene (Sandrine Bonnaire) works as a maid and makes extra money by cleaning the apartments. One day, she spots a couple playing chess, which arouses her interest in the sport. The woman buys chess and tries to learn the game. Soon he asks for help from one of his clients, Dr. Kröger (Kevin Kline).

Szach i mat - 17.08.2020

Eugene Brown (Cuba Gooding Jr.) meets a chess player in prison with whom he often plays games where the stake is cigarettes. As a farewell, the man gives him a statue of the king and asks him to take good care of it. Brown did not have too many friends at large. He tries to reconnect with his daughter (Rachae Thomas), learns that the son is a drug dealer. His brother Perry (Richard T. Jones) offers him a return to the criminal world, but Eugene accepts a modest job as an elementary school janitor. There he discovers the chess talent of a young drug dealer Tahime (Malcolm M. Mays). Soon, however, his criminal past is revealed and he is released. With his brother's help, he tries to create a chess club for local teenagers.


Królowa Katwe - 18.08.2020

Katwe in Uganda. Extremely smart Phiona Mutesi is raised in the slums and her family barely makes ends meet. One day the girl meets Robert Katende, who wants to improve the lives of children by teaching them to play chess. It quickly turns out that the girl has incredible talent. Phiona puts all her energy into preparing for the International Chess Olympiad.

Szachowe dzieciństwo - 19.08.2020

Looking at the amateur competitions the boy quickly learns the secrets of the game. Fred is a sports journalist and knows that every talent has to be worked on. So he hires the recent chess master Bruce Pandolfini (Ben Kingsley) to train with Josh. Exercise quickly brings amazing results. A little genius gets his first successes, but there is also a dark side to this coin. Under severe stress, the boy begins to change.


Parada oszustów „Mistrz zawsze traci” - 20.08.2020

In "The Master Always Loses", the cheater is a modest French pharmacist Renaud (Bronisław Pawlik), who manages to "twist" two chess grandmasters. In "Jaguar 1936" the action takes place in the 1930s in Vienna. Foreigner Maximilian Taadjen (Wojciech Pszoniak) - buying a luxury Jaguar in a car showroom, he commits a considerable fraud based on an interesting idea. no one is expecting such an ending!

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